Employment Law.

Posted by a Jesse on May 2, 2018

Atty. Scharfman was easy to talk to, he got to the point, he quickly settled the case, we were very pleased with the outcome.

I have been using the services of the Scharfman Law Firm since 2013 and I am very satisfied.

Posted by a client on January 16, 2018

I have been using the services of the Scharfman Law Firm since 2013 and I am very satisfied. Ian is extremely knowledgeable with all areas of Labor and Employment Law and a pleasure to work with. Ian no nonsense approach is effective and it allows him to be very responsive.

The best Attorney for any Labor or Employment Issue you may have.

Posted by a client on September 22, 2017

Ian Scharfman was very professional in all aspects of my case. He kept me up to date with every detail with how my case was progressing. If you are looking for an Attorney that will seek the best outcome for whatever issue you may have and one that will go above and beyond to make sure you get the best representation you can find I strongly recommend The Ian Scharfman Law Firm, Ian and his staff are the Best !!

Posted by a Client

on August 27, 2017

Mr. Scharfman managed to maintain a balance between professionalism and compassion. Without Mr. Scharfman’s assistance, I seriously doubt the outcome would have worked out as well as it did. It’s worth adding that Mr. Scharfman and his staff definitely earned their fee.

Excellent AND Compassionate

Posted by a Client on December 31, 2016

I really enjoyed working with Ian. I found him to be thoroughly professional. I also appreciated the time he took to explain matters pertaining to my situation, particularly how the law applied to my case. He is also very empathetic and thus, genuinely invested in helping the client attain justice – not just for him but for the client’s welfare! Moreover, his work in his spare time with the Anti-Defamation League and other similar activities demonstrates his real belief in achieving justice. 

Extremely Capable, Diligently Pursues a Favorable Outcome

Posted by a client on November 14, 2016

I had a complex case against the senior officers of a public company. While I had the facts on my side, large corporations are difficult adversaries. Mr. Scharfman was methodical, persistent, and used the highest degree of skill and professionalism to find a win-win outcome for all parties. He was excellent to work with start to finish. Taking a legal action against a corporation is a high-stress endeavor, and having the best legal representation is invaluable in such a situation.

Posted by a Client

on July 4, 2016

Ian is a terrific person, excellent communicator and provided me with tremendous advice. He did not over promise, but did advise on the best path forward. My situation felt complicated, but we worked through it and he negotiated with my former employee which resulted in a reasonable settlement. Strongly recommend him 

Simply the BEST !!

Posted by a client on June 1, 2016

Mr. Scharfman is very reliable, dependent, very credible and reputable and made me comfortable throughout my situation. He was very confident, thorough and to the point in gathering information needed to conclude my case. I would highly recommend anyone to Mr Scharfman in his expertise in the field of Employment Law. He is the real deal and an excellent lawyer. Can’t beat it!!

It Doesn’t Get Much Better

Posted by Siobhán on March 23, 2016

I never thought I’d be in a position where I’d be reaching out to legal counsel regarding employment. I was recommended to Mr. Scharfman by a friend who is a family lawyer. I’m so glad I took the recommendation. Even though my case was small, I felt like he was giving it 110 percent, was attentive to my questions and concerns, and had my back all the way. Mr. Scharfman is a genuine individual, and lawyer. You could feel his concern and care through his actions. He continually gave me personal updates and asked for my “ok” before making decisions. Thank you for your support, it was truly wonderful.

Wrongful Termination

Posted by Rudyard on February 4, 2016

Mr. Scharfman handled my case from beginning to end as well as it could have been handled. His no nonsense direct approach led to a fair and equitable settlement. His professionalism and intelligence helped me through a time in my life that I never believed that would happen to me. I am sincerely grateful for his work and will definitely recommend him to anyone I know that may need his services.

An Extraordinary Attorney and Human Being

Posted by KellyM on June 9, 2015

I never thought I would have the need to visit an attorney for wrongful
termination. Mr. Scharfman almost literally held my hand through the entire
process and allayed my fears. He stood firmly for me and ensured that the
matter was resolved equitably. I cannot recommend Ian highly enough. He is
a consummate professional and is genuinely concerned about his clients.

Would Recommend.

Posted by jerry redmond on March 24, 2015

My case was a labor related case. I was very pleased with the level of
knowledge, professionalism, and responsiveness of Mr. Scharfman.
I would recommend his services.

Disability Discrimination by a employer

Posted by Terry on March 13, 2015

Mr. Scharfman is very personal and is on top of his cases. You will work
directly with him and you never have to refresh his memory about your case.
He is professional and honest. You will never be left in the dark while
working with Mr. Scharman. You alway have direct contact with him. His
knowledge and education made me not worry one bit. He always called and
went over everything before he would act on it. I was greatful that he took
my case. I felt like he put his self in my shoes and really worked hard on
the case. He does not back down if you were done wrong or mistreated.
Out standing attorney and he is hands on. You will not every have to
refresh his memory when you call him. When you sign for him to be your
coucil he gives his all. Thank you Ian Scharfman for all your help with my

Displays Professionalism and Integrity

Posted by a client on March 1, 2015

I am very pleased with the representation by the Scharfman Law Firm. Ian
and his staff were a pleasure to work with during the course of my
employment discrimination case. I appreciate Ian’s specialized knowledge of
employment law and his unique ability to quickly understand all the
relevant facts of the case. He was effective in his negotiation techniques
throughout the mediation resulting in a favorable outcome.

Treated as though I was his only client!

Posted by a client on February 20, 2015

Throughout the entire process I was made to feel I was Mr. Scharfman’s
only client in that, I was never rushed,my communications and inquiries
were addressed promptly and exceptionally well documented eliminating the
need for either of us to repeat or reiterate; a clear indicator of the
value and respect he had for my time as well as his. The energy and time he
put into handling my case was only second to his knowledge base of the law,
both state and federal. His honesty, integrity, and professionalism is ever
present generating the confidence I had in his actions and abilities
,through-out the entire process confirming I was in the best hands
possible; the final result surpassed his more than well deserved reputation.

Very Satisfied Customer

Posted by Jaime on December 5, 2014

I was very happy with the representation I received from the Scharfman
Law Firm. I was able to save thousands of dollars in legal fees from the
counsel I received Ian Scharfman due to his integrity and expertise. I
highly recommend his legal services to my friends and family.

Satisfied Client

Posted by a Employment client on September 3, 2014

I was recommended to Mr. Scharfman by a colleague/friend who he
successfully represented on an employment matter several years ago. Mr.
Scharfman was very professional, knowledgeable and kept me informed and
involved in the process. He listened to my concerns and allowed me to give
feedback. My case was not a big case yet he continued to work hard to
represent my interests despite lack of any further financial incentive to
him. I highly recommend this lawyer.

Posted by a Consumer on 03/13/15

Mr.Scharfman is very professial and understand he takes each client
personal. He looks out for you and explains everything he does on you case
before acts. I have great trust in him. You will never be standing in the
dark and not know where you case is. When you call Mr.Scharfman concerning
you case you won’t have to refresh his memory he really is involved in your
case. He is hands on and when you sign with him to be your attorney you
will deal directly with him. Great man and knows his laws.

Posted by a Consumer on 02/01/15

Very attentive to my needs and especially sensitive. I appreciate Mr.
Scharfman very much for helping me with my situation.

Posted by a Consumer on 12/05/14

I am very impressed with the honesty and professionalism I received from
the Scharfman Law Firm. I highly recommend Ian Scharfman to my friends and
family. I am very grateful to have been represented by a very knowledgeable
and capable attorney.

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